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Today's celebrity marketing drafts often mention a few labels -\" girly \",\" girly \". But in fact, the stars are busy, filming often need to stay up all night, when the red flow work intensity is far more than 996, then how do they maintain the sense of youth and girlhood?


Said is the red gas nourishes the person, actually is violates the human body metabolism common sense. Even if it becomes more and more handsome and beautiful after the red, it is also because it can pay more expensive cosmetic or medical expenses. The secret behind the star's frozen age has been poked out many years ago:\" without hyaluronic acid, many stars won't survive.\"


Hyaluronic acid,\" the best moisturizing substance in nature,\" is found in the dermis of the skin. It has two main duties: one is to guard the moisture content of the skin so that it is not easily lost. The second is to increase the volume of skin, supporting the skin to make it full and elastic.


With age and the influence of environmental factors such as sun, air quality, etc., the moisture content of the skin and the ability to synthesize hyaluronic acid are both declining, resulting in problems such as dryness and slackness. Therefore, the beauty industry with hyaluronic acid as a raw material to invented a number of skin care and medical beauty methods to help you delay the relentless pace of time.


can form breathable film on the surface of the skin, effectively prevent the evaporation of water inside the skin, and play a maximum moisturizing role. But because cannot enter the skin inside, cannot be absorbed, can only be a cure.


that is, the higher the degree of crosslinking, the slower the decomposition rate and the longer the maintenance time. Therefore, the cross-linked hyaluronic acid is mainly used in medical and aesthetic items with plastic needs, and the non-crosslinking type is mainly used in skin care products.


And the more expensive hyaluronic acid solution is a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, the effect is much better. Hyaluronic acid solution cannot be used anywhere and anytime, because the function of hyaluronic acid is moisturizing, it absorbs water without hydration, dry skin meets hyaluronic acid solution will be sucked away by hyaluronic acid skin shallow water.


The correct use of the method is: warm water after washing the face, in the palm drop 2~3 drops of stock solution with a proper amount of water or hydration effect of makeup water dilution, and then lightly apply to the face.


Choosing an oral hyaluronic acid product can alleviate the decline in the body's hyaluronic acid content, that is, in addition to improving skin water retention and fullness, but also reduce the risk of arthritis, arteriosclerosis and other health problems. So compared to beauty products


Oral hyaluronic acid is more widely used as a health product in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, for the absorption of the human body, it uses nanotechnology is the average molecular weight of only 800 small molecules of hyaluronic acid. And the market for \"small molecules of hyaluronic acid\" to reach hundreds of thousands.


The drawback of ps:'s oral use of hyaluronic acid is that it needs to be decomposed and used in the body to transport to the skin.

  注射型玻尿酸是见效最快和效果最稳定的,但同时风险也比前两种高得多。它属于微整形的医美范畴,水光针作用or原理:水光针=玻尿酸 其他营养物质。医生会根据你毛孔粗大、暗沉等问题来调整成分,主打保湿的水光针只能到真皮层浅层。因此会使用非交联或微交联的玻尿酸。因为高交联度的玻尿酸使用在皮肤浅层会出现硬结、僵脸的情况。玻尿酸除皱作用or原理:玻尿酸用作除皱时一般使用中小分子量。因为质地较软能填补已流失胶原蛋白的空缺,增强皮肤的保水能力,对老化皮肤有修复作用。

Injection-type hyaluronic acid is the quickest and most effective, but the risk is also much higher than the previous two. It belongs to the category of microplastic medical beauty, water needle action or principle: water needle = hyaluronic acid other nutrients. The doctor will adjust the ingredients according to your pore size, dark and so on, the main moisturizing water light needle can only go to the superficial layer of the dermis. Therefore, non-crosslinked or micro-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is used. Because high crosslinking degree of hyaluronic acid use in the superficial skin will appear hard knot, stiff face situation. Hyaluronic acid rhytidectomy or principle: hyaluronic acid used as a wrinkle when the general use of small molecular weight. Because the softer texture can fill the loss of collagen vacancies, enhance the skin water retention capacity, aging skin has a repair effect.


Hyaluronic acid filling is used in apple muscle, temples, nose and other parts that require sustained support or shape, mainly using macromolecules. Because it has the toughest texture, the stronger the support, the longer it lasts, and is suitable for contour plastic shaping. Compared with other shaping methods, it is simple to operate, only to apply local anesthetic, a few minutes of injection, two or three days to recover.


1。 After playing with hyaluronic acid, the doctor will pinch the shape, so it can be said that your postoperative face value is determined by the doctor's aesthetic, so it is important to find a professional organization experienced doctor.


4。 How does hyaluronic acid hit too much? If the situation is not serious, can be under the guidance of the doctor local hot compress. If it doesn't work out, there's something called a hyaluronic acid enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid quickly.


The composition of the stock solution is single and the concentration is higher. And the essence has a comprehensive beauty effect, plus to solve problems such as water and oil balance, anti-inflammatory sedation and other low stimulation, but because of the complex formula, so the risk of allergies than the stock solution.


According to the skin quality selection, if the skin desertification after winter cannot stop, the stock solution will be your savior, if the skin condition is relatively stable no big problem. Sticking to the essence can add to your frozen-age career.


TIMELES SHA hyaluronic acid essence: The black horse of American niche brand, thick texture, absorb quickly return hin refreshing, remember to use with water supplement skin care products.


The product characteristics of each brand are different, and the fairies should choose the brand according to the injection site before injection. Half of the injection of hyaluronic acid is to pay for the brand effect, the remaining half is to pay for the doctor aesthetic, so the little fairies must do a good job before doing research oh!


The American brand, Hermes in hyaluronic acid, has the longest relative maintenance. Divided into elegant and extreme, the former is a medium molecule, pull shape ability, tactile silky natural maintenance time of about 12 months; the latter is a macromolecule, maintenance time of 12 to 18 months.

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