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Spring Festival Games open on the 10th in 2020, what new changes are there in Spring Festival Games this year? Is the ticket good to buy? Is the road home safe and clear? Liu Xiaoming, deputy minister of transportation, received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters on Monday.


The 2020 Spring Festival is a little earlier than in previous years, starting on January 10 and continuing until February 18, with the estimated national passenger delivery of the 2020 Spring Festival expected to reach 3 billion, a slight increase over the previous year.


Every year spring luck, the age is different. Due to the improvement of transportation facilities network, the deep integration of science and technology and the diversity of people's travel needs, the situation facing the Spring Festival has changed this year:


Daxing International Airport put into use, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei comprehensive transportation system further improved; Beijing-Zhang and other more than 10 high-speed rail new lines opened operation, railway transport capacity greatly improved; cancel the completion of the national highway provincial toll station, to achieve highway electronic parking fast charges; ahead of time to achieve the conditions of township and formed villages through harden road.


Liu said that the total number of Spring Festival passenger transport has maintained at nearly 3 billion in the past few years, and that of the total number of Spring Festival passenger transport passenger transport of 3 billion in 2020,100 million road passenger transport,100 million railway passenger transport,79 million civil aviation passenger transport and 45 million water transport passenger transport are expected to present the following characteristics -


Third, travel needs are more diverse. Workflow, family visit flow, student flow and so on are the main body of the Spring Festival passenger flow, the tourist flow will continue to increase, the reverse passenger flow will show a certain growth.


In addition, this year's Spring Festival transportation will be more scientific and technological. With the wide application of new technologies such as paperless travel, face brushing, etc., etc., etc., the Spring Festival transportation will be more convenient and efficient.


“The national transportation system should further promote the ticketing'paperless'service, expand the application scope of face recognition, card-brushing incoming and incoming ticket, and strengthen the application of convenient services such as intelligent inquiry and mobile payment. According to passenger demand, all localities should actively carry out connecting transport services such as terminal buildings and rail-free high-speed rail stations.


Home New Year, the most worried is \"one vote hard to find,\" to solve this problem, the key is to do everything possible to increase capacity. Liu said that this year's Spring Festival, all localities should effectively dispatch good capacity resources, do everything possible to improve the quality of transport services, and go all out to do a good job in the Spring Festival.


Liu said the national transportation system should focus on strengthening the passenger transport hub, railway passenger stations, airports, tourist attractions and other areas of passenger capacity supply, according to the situation to increase overtime vehicles and ships, scientific dispatch frequency. It is necessary to dig deep into the potential of transportation, formulate transportation plans scientifically, adjust the shift density of passenger cars, public electric vehicles and urban rail transit in a timely manner, and increase the timely opening of chartered and chartered vehicles.


“All localities should urge transport enterprises to innovate service measures, expand the scope of online ticketing, open more ticketing windows in a timely manner, extend the ticketing time, and add equipment for automatic selling (picking up) of tickets. Liu said that to scientifically dispatch the capacity of road passenger transport, urban public transport and taxis, especially the night-time transportation of key hubs, all localities should have special programs to ensure timely passenger transport.


In the road passenger transport, due to the cancellation of the highway provincial toll stations, continue to implement the Spring Festival holiday highway minibus free traffic policy and other factors superimposed, the proportion of people self-driving during the Spring Festival will be further increased, road network protection pressure further increased.


Mr. Liu said all localities should step up their advance forecasts, analyze and judge the flow and flow of vehicles, issue early warning information in a timely manner, and guide passengers to arrange travel plans reasonably. It is necessary to strengthen the business coordination with the public security departments, improve the coordination mechanism of road and police joint inspection and command, and reduce the traffic congestion caused by traffic control.


“All localities should fully draw on the experience of Tianjin Station and Beijing South Station, strengthen the coordination of departments, promote the optimization of railway and urban rail transit security inspection process, and reduce passenger repeat security inspection. Liu Xiaoming said.


During the Spring Festival, rain, snow, freezing and other bad weather prone to frequent, full-load transport operation, safety emergency protection pressure. To ensure safety is the top priority of the Spring Festival.


In this year's Spring Festival, the Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Emergency Management and the State Railway Administration, will set up joint inspection teams to conduct safety inspections in key provinces of the Spring Festival Movement and organize cross-checks at the provincial level in relevant provinces.


All localities should carry out in-depth investigation of hidden dangers in production safety for key nodes such as major transportation hubs, long-distance passenger stations, highway service areas and rural passenger transport, as well as key areas such as long-distance lines, tour charters and dangerous goods transportation, so as to find out the hidden dangers in time and eliminate the signs of accidents, Liu said.


“All localities should pay close attention to the implementation of safety responsibilities, urge transport enterprises to conscientiously formulate special plans for the safety of production for the Spring Festival transportation, strictly implement various safety operation rules and security inspection measures, increase the strength of personnel training and improve the safety level of the Spring Festival transportation. Liu Xiaoming said.


Liu said all localities should make full use of the national key operating vehicle networked joint control system and video surveillance system to comprehensively strengthen road transport safety control during the Spring Festival. It is necessary to urge transport enterprises to comprehensively strengthen the dynamic monitoring of vehicles, and timely discover and correct illegal acts such as overloading vehicles, speeding drivers and fatigue driving.


“All localities should pay close attention to the guarantee of emergency transportation, further improve the linkage mechanism of emergency transportation for the Spring Festival transportation, formulate emergency transportation plans together with relevant departments, and strengthen the coordination of cross-transportation modes and emergency response. Liu said all localities should improve the regular coordination mechanism with public security and meteorological departments, improve the sharing mechanism of bad weather information, and grasp the information of monitoring, forecasting and early warning of bad weather in a timely manner.