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New year's first day in Chongqing Yubei District, a high-rise residential fire, caused national concern. In the event of private cars crowded fire access, resulting in fire trucks into the community blocked the picture, but also let people feel helpless.


However, only two days after the incident, a media reporter saw in the district, despite the yellow mark on the ground \"fire access is strictly prohibited,\" but about 150 meters of fire access still docked about 30 cars. As a result, the fire tunnel width is only about. And according to the Building Design Fire Protection Code, the net width and clearance height of the fire fighting passage should not be less than 4m.


The bitter lesson is still in front of us, even the second day after the incident, the main leaders of chongqing also went to the incident community to investigate, demanding to strengthen the management of fire channels, joint maintenance, strict law enforcement, to ensure smooth.


This reminds us that I'm afraid it won't end in the media. Why after such a major event, the fire tunnel is still not free from the fate of being squeezed, whether the owner of the car is too wayward, or regulatory law enforcement formality, the local authorities should seriously investigate, give a clear statement, and investigate the responsibility of the subject of responsibility according to law. If such a \"counterwind\" violation is left to the wind, it would be the worst demonstration.


Of course, this phenomenon may also enlighten us, for the \"life channel\" blocked the strange image, in addition to the discovery of the rigid law enforcement management together, can also take some rigid technical means to play a more effective preventive role?


One week before the incident, the Yubei Fire Safety Committee issued the Circular on Centralized Action to Open the \"Life Passage \", one of which is that the entrance and exit of the fire truck passage should be opened immediately in case of emergency without affecting the passage of the fire truck.


According to this, is it possible to install movable guardrails or movable road piles in the easily crowded fire tunnel area to avoid the possibility of being occupied by social vehicles, and also to ensure the smooth passage of fire fighting in case of emergency? Of course, the specific can do, how to do, according to the actual situation, and follow the relevant regulatory requirements.


It is true that no matter how tight the parking resources are, there is no reason to squeeze the life path. But the more prominent the contradiction between supply and demand of parking lot resources, the more likely the fire tunnel is to be overrun, but it is also an indisputable fact.


Take this incident community as an example, prior to the industry said that the district has fewer parking spaces, people and cars do not divert. This may also objectively aggravate the \"compromise\" mentality in the daily management of property.


Public information shows that the district was completed in 1997 and belongs to the old district built before 2000. Due to the initial lack of planning, the parking problem of this kind of residential area is probably not isolated, and the resulting phenomenon of crowding fire passage is almost inevitable.


In the face of such a reality, in addition to the establishment of more efficient coordination and coordination mechanism of law enforcement in the fire control and transportation departments, some rigid measures have been added to the management of fire tunnel, and the construction of parking facilities in some areas with outstanding parking contradictions has been increased according to local conditions, or it is also an essential governance measure.


In fact, there are big opportunities now. Last year, the executive meeting of the State Council, when deploying and promoting the renovation of old residential areas, mentioned that the parking facilities could be built in the old residential areas under conditions; subsequently, the relevant circular issued jointly by the three ministries and commissions made it clear that the contents of the renovation of old residential areas included upgrading of infrastructure such as parking garages, which were directly related to residential areas; and the central economic work conference at the end of last year also called for strengthening the construction of facilities such as urban parking lots.


In such a big background, the relevant departments and places may be able to check the bottom, in the old district reconstruction process, priority to increase the parking contradictions highlight the district parking resources supply. This is actually from the resource increment angle, provides the realistic support for the fire protection passage unblocked.


In the end, the reality that the fire tunnel is easy to be crowded, the first of course is that the public safety consciousness, the legal consciousness and the corresponding public management ability are not enough to match the absolute importance of \"life channel \".